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At Captivate the Crowd, I show coaches, speakers and business owners how to be your real, authentic self, while balancing likeability with expertise. My proven approach is from the inside out teaching you how to pitch from your passion, not your appearance.

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Are you an entrepreneur who resists doing videos for social media or doesn’t know where to start? 

Are you tired of procrastinating about getting on camera? 

If you struggle with these problems or any of these other issues making your videos

I can help you!

You can’t build an effective brand or business or create a loyal following without social media videos.

Social Media Videos helps people:

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Expand Your Reach in Half the Time with Short Form Video!

  • Short Form Videos Free Master Class!
  • How to Create Videos Without Having to Be on Camera
  • Easy Prompts so You Always Know What to Say
  • Insider Tips to Boost Engagement

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Are you ready to go from unknown to sought-after?

This is for you if you are:

  • Ready to craft your signature talk & marketing message
  • Ready to get media trained so that you rock it every time you’re on a set
  • Ready to be recognized as the expert you truly are?
  • Ready to be featured on media outlets
  • Ready to feel secure in how you look and sound on video
  • Ready to effortlessly talk about what you do and what you have to offer


Are you an emerging feminine leader with so much to say?

  • Yet when you speak, your voice becomes too high pitched, shakey or screetchy?
  • What if whenever you speak, your voice could command any room?
  • Imagine speaking with conviction, power and presence so that people lean in and are captivated.
  • Learn to tap into your vocal power so that you are unshakably confident every time and anywhere.

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Break through your need for perfection!

Break away from your fear of being boring!

Break free from not knowing what to say!


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