Speaker Training Bootcamp

Do you want to have a bigger impact?

Can you imagine feeling so connected with your audiences that they can’t help but fall in love with you?

Are you ready to have people running to the back of the room to buy?

Finally: Here is a speaker training designed specifically for speakers, authors, and coaches who want to feel confident in front of a crowd or on camera, build a connection with their audience, and exponentially grow their business every time they get on stage.

Does any of this sound familiar?

You’d love to do more public speaking but you worry you’ll embarrass yourself.

You like speaking but you have a hard time controlling your breath, your voice gets squeaky, your throat closes up, or your hands shake.

You want to get on stage or on video, but you’re waiting until you lose some weight, fix your hair, get your colors done, feel more together and confident… blah blah blah…

You get writer’s block so you wait until the last minute… which makes you more anxious… and then you procrastinate… so you never really get to properly practice.

Here’s What You’ll Learn In the Captivate the Crowd Speaker Training Bootcamp:

Build connection with your audience that fosters love, trust and excitement. You get out of your heads and into your hearts. And it’s easier to be in the flow. IN FLOW, people fall in love.

How to be confident so that you speak with authority, leadership and authentic power. People who work with me learn how to pull the audience to them so they can lean in and FEEL your energy and the magic.


How to use storytelling to captivate your audience and leave them feel changed forever. I teach my students how to have a conversation WITH the audience, not AT the audience. We work together on their signature core story so they can paint vivid pictures in the audience’s minds with their words and performance.

How to be a fully embodied speaker, using your voice, body and breath so that your brilliance comes out (and none of your nervousness). I teach my students to use every tool they’ve got, to have stage presence and take up the whole stage and reach beyond the back of the room with their energy.

Five secrets to putting it all together and preparing well so that you knock it out of the park. When you’re prepared, you can focus more on THEM. No more all nighters before a talk.  Knowing how to prep in bite sized, easy chunks makes practicing fun and effortless.

Here’s the thing: Deep down, you know were born to step into the spotlight and speak so you can help people and make a difference in the world.

Yes, YOU!

Otherwise you wouldn’t be here right now.

After my 13 years of being in this industry I’ve learned an important truth: It’s impossible to work on speaking by yourself. Believe me, I’ve tried!

You need to have someone help pull out your best stuff: words and performance. You need to have an expert’s eyes on you and your work because you just can’t see yourself and your blind spots.

You can look at videos of yourself, but you still won’t know what or how to change. My commitment to my client is to have them be powerful and to get results on stage – whether that’s selling for their business or getting people to buy into their vision, or being a highly paid keynote speaker who is invited back time and again…

Would you like to work together to develop a talk and a presentation style that gets you more referrals and sales, but is also authentically you, fun to deliver, and makes you LOVE to get up on stage?

Elaine Williams

Are You a Fit for Captivate the Crowd?