Do you sweat at the start of your videos or talks?

Do you sweat over the beginning of every speech? Have you wondered how to come across as confident when you feel like there’s a big wall between you and the audience? What if I could give you 1 simple tool that would have you create instant connection with any audience? So the first thing I […]

Speaking is a Skill!

Have you ever wondered what “their” secret is? You know, the speakers you see on the big stages who seem like they were just born with this ridiculous talent. I used to wonder too. I was just like you. I wanted to feel like a confident rock star when I got in front of groups […]

What Louis CK can teach you about screwing up

Most people love Louis CK and I must admit, I do too. But not for all the obvious reasons. I respect his writing and his delivery. I think he’s a great actor too. Sometimes I think he takes it too far. It kind of depends on my mood. But that’s not the point. I admire […]

Drop the Rock

I saw that title and it pierced me in my heart. Drop the rock. Just love the simplicity of it. It made me think of myself and my clients and our “stories”. We get attached to our rocks, our stories, our attachments. I’ve been working with a client named Scott. He is just so much […]

Want to know the secret to stage presence?

Want to know the secret to stage presence? People come up to me after they’ve seen me speak and they often say: Wow, you have such stage presence! Which is lovely. I appreciate them. And I’m going to let you in on a little secret. You can cultivate stage presence too. Always come on the stage from a […]

Begin Anywhere

The  yoga studio where I practice has some sayings in frames on the walls and this one of them: Begin Anywhere. It’s one of my favorites! I chuckle every time I see it. I laugh because it reminds me of how I have a tendency to overcomplicate a lot of things…and I’ve noticed that many […]

Stage Time, Stage Time, Stage Time

I’ve been reflecting on my journey as a speaker and I wanted to share my very first professional speaking gig with you. Now pay attention! Not only is this a story that speaks to your journey of a speaker, but it is also a living example of story telling – a skill that every great […]

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