Does this happen to you ever?

You’re cruising along in your life or business and then you’re asked to

write something or give a talk?

Or maybe you need to come up with an email or a blog; and there’s a

deadline, but when you sit down at your computer…you’re like…..


You think inside your head; I got nothing! Oh no!

I’ve been there, and so many others have too.

Believe me.

And after years of doing “The Artist’s Way” and reading “The War of Art”,

I’ve learned to trust my creative process and use my tools.

And I’ve learned to make sure that I’m reading inspiring memoirs as well.

I just finished reading Glennon Doyle’s memoir, Love Warrior, and I was blown away

as usual by her.

A friend gave me her first book last summer. I took it on a plane trip,

and within in the 2nd page, I was so drawn in, I don’t even remember the flight.

This one went even deeper into her vulnerability and her journey towards healthy


I won’t say anymore in case you want to read it.

I bring her up because she has a powerful message and because her style

is so raw and real.

And this is why I love teaching story telling, creating content, and vulnerability while

still being credible.

To me a GREAT writer or a coach or a healer with a powerful message or process,

is able to articulate what their reader or client is feeling, thinking, or going through so well,

that it’s like they reached through the page or the computer screen and jumped over into the reader’s soul.

Glennon’s been able to articulate ways I’ve felt and issues I’ve dealt with in ways I didn’t even know were actually there for me. But after reading her words and noticing the way I was responding, I realized that she’d brought forth conversations and beliefs that were in the back attic closet of my brain and soul.

And every human being has had the experience of NOT being “gotten” or understood, so when

a reader feels like this author or coach truly gets them and knows them almost better than they know themselves….it’s like a homecoming. It’s comfort. It’s a return to self.

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