with Elaine Williams

3 Month Masterclass

You as a business owner know that the fastest way to grow your business is through live video and speaking, but you’re just not doing it.

If you know you need help crafting your story to attract more of your ideal clients and how to maximize the #1 tool online to do it…

This masterclass will help you do just that…


Here is a training designed specifically for conscious business owners who want to feel confident on camera or in front of a crowd,  build a connection with their audience, and exponentially grow their business every time they speak.

Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?

You hate the way you look and sound on camera. You feel like you never know what to say when it comes to live video. You think that it’s better not to do it than to look like a fool.
You like speaking, but you have a hard time controlling your breath, your voice gets squeaky, your throat closes up, or your hands shake when you have more than a few people with you.

You want to get on stage or on video, you know your business depends on it, but you’re waiting until you lose some weight, fix your hair, get your colors done, feel more together and confident… blah blah blah…

You get writer’s block so you wait until the last minute… which makes you more anxious… and then you procrastinate… so you never really get to practice properly… which makes you even more nervous when it comes time to make it happen.

Many people think that being confident on camera and speaking well on the stage is just some natural talent you’re either born with – or not

Not True

Shooting video is a skill, and with the right coach, tools and practice time, anyone can become a master storyteller who captivates, enrolls and has the audience in the palm of their hand from the screen or the stage.

Here’s What You’ll Learn In the Captivate the Crowd Video Training Bootcamp:

Short Form Video

Create a connection with your audience by using 5 elements of viral videos. You’ll learn fast, simple ways to Grab Attention. Learn my formula for getting people to Stop Scrolling. The best part is we go thru all the techy stuff together.

Content Creation Formulas & Templates

I’ll share my formulas for live videos and live talks so you never have to worry about what to say. I’ll show you the hottest trends with engagement and video consumption. You’ll learn the best tools, templates, and platforms for your specific brand.

Prep Can be FUN!

I’ll show you how to practice your script in bite-sized chunks, saving you time and effort. 

I’ll teach you pro rehearsal secrets to boost your confidence: you’ll be having so much fun, and your audience will be begging you for more. 

You’ll have so much fun preparing you’ll be chomping at the bit for your next shoot or talk. 

Unprecedented Confidence

You’ll learn how to tap into your vocal authority and power so that you will be able to speak with unprecedented conviction. 

You will come across as a credible expert while still being accessible and relatable to your audience. 

You will be unrecognizable to yourself. 

Stories That Snap, Crackle & Pop!

You’ll learn how to craft your signature core story and how to weave it throughout your personal brand. 

I’ll show you how to not just “tell stories” but RE-LIVE stories so that your audience is right there with you. 

You’ll know how to create vivid pictures that pop and stay with your crowd long after your time together is over. 

No Talking Heads!

There will be no “talking heads”!

I show you how to be a 3-dimensional speaker by using your entire body. (An amazing tool that most speakers forget about)

You’ll learn how to master your breath and voice so that your brilliance comes out.  (Not your nerves)

BONUSES & Extras (not the movie kind), TO make your debut Even greater!

I’ll share my Professional Story Tellers Insider Secrets. 

I’ll show you how to prep yourself when you do a podcast or interview so that you have the most impact every time. 

I’ll teach you my Get Yourself Booked Strategy. 

Meet Your Confidence Coach

Here’s the thing: Deep down, you know were born to step into the spotlight and speak so you can help people and make a difference in the world.
Yes, YOU!

Otherwise you wouldn’t be here right now.

After my 13 years of being in this industry, I’ve learned an important truth: It’s impossible to work on camera confidence or public speaking by yourself. going to look bad and eventually you’ll have to have someone else come in and fix it.

You need to have someone help pull out your best stuff: words and performance. You need to have an expert’s eyes on you and your work because you just can’t see yourself and your blind spots.

You can look at videos of yourself, but you still won’t know what or how to change. My commitment to my client is to have them be powerful and to get results through their videos or on stage – whether that’s selling for their business or getting people to enroll in their vision, or being a highly paid keynote speaker who is invited back time and again…

How would you like to create fun, engaging videos that draw your people in? What would it be like to feel free, confident and powerful anytime you’re in front of a camera? What if you could double or triple your visibility and reach without having to reinvent the wheel every week or work twice as hard as you already are in your business?

Would you like to work together to develop a talk and a presentation style that gets you more referrals and sales, but is also authentically you, fun to deliver, and makes you LOVE to get up on stage?


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